September 27, 2023 9:30 PM

Gabriel Moreno and Ned Cartwright

Gabriel Moreno: The Poetic Maestro of Taberna Folk

Dive into the vibrant world of Gabriel Moreno, the Gibraltarian sensation who has taken the global music scene by storm. Now gracing London with his magnetic presence, Moreno is not just a singer-songwriter but a poet with a remarkable portfolio of 12 published books. His performances are a rich tapestry of Latin fervor and poetic mastery, a rare combination that captivates and enchants audiences.

Strumming melodies on his nylon-string guitar and harmoniously united with the talented pianist Ned Cartwright, Moreno crafts a live experience that is nothing short of magical. His genre, fondly termed as "Taberna Folk", is a harmonious blend of energetic rhythms and intimate narratives, a wild yet embracing musical journey.

Moreno's musical voyage has seen him mesmerize audiences from South America to the USA, and across Europe. His recent performances at renowned UK festivals like Wilderness, The Great British Folk Festival, and Purbeck Valley Folk Festival have been nothing short of sensational. His profound baritone and poetic lyrics have earned him accolades and comparisons with legendary artists such as Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave, and Bill Callahan.

In 2023, brace yourselves for Moreno's 5th album, "Wound in the Night", a masterpiece that promises to be a beacon of lyrical ingenuity and musical prowess. Accompanying the album release is a bustling tour schedule that spans across Europe, promising nights of lyrical wonder and musical ecstasy.

Join us in experiencing the magnetic allure of Gabriel Moreno, a performer who embodies both passion and poetry, a true maestro of modern folk music.

Praises for Gabriel Moreno:

  • "An offshoot of Leonard Cohen and Neil Diamond - I love it!" - Cerys Matthews, BBC 6 Music
  • "Compelling music and poetry" - Amanda Palmer (Dresden Dolls)
  • "What sets Moreno apart from his contemporaries [...] is his ever-intriguing use of the English language to address socio-economic issues" - Loz Etheridge, God is in the TV

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